Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unstoppable Fist for the iOS announcement!

Unstoppable Fist for the iOS announcement!

Unstoppable Fist is an intense single player action experience for iOS devices. Inspired by classics such as Kung Fu and Street Fighter, Unstoppable Fist blends retro style graphics with non stop action.

Head on over to the game's main page for all of the details and be sure to check out our Teaser trailer below!

Keep an eye out, more details and a full trailer reveal in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New month, new non-profit. April is ACPCA month!

Hi there friends!

First of all, thanks very much to Corgi Aid for their involvement with Puppy Panic last month.  They were great to work with, and I'm proud to deliver their portion of the profits in a few weeks.

With a new month, we have chosen a new organization to donate to!

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  To show our support, we will be donating 10% of all profits generated from Puppy Panic to the ASPCA.  Click the logo above for more information, or to donate to them directly.

Just to be clear, 10% of profits from either version of the app, or any of the in-app purchases will be donated.  Please help spread the word!  Here are the links to both versions of the app:

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Stay tuned!  We will DEFINITELY be showing off our new game in the coming weeks!  Pinky swear!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Blog! New app! New promotion!

Hey there!

We figured is about time we get a blog up so we can communicate a little better with those of you that take the time to visit us.  Thanks for stopping by!

So straight into the news.  We are excited to announce that on Tuesday March 6th, Puppy Panic HD will be going live on the appstore! 

Puppy Panic HD for iPad only: Take me to the Appstore to buy PPHD!

Puppy Panic for iPhone (works on iPad as well) Take me to the app store to buy PP!

Check out the new trailer:

To celebrate the release of our new app, we'll be starting a new promotion!  10% of all purchases of either the iPhone or iPad versions of Puppy Panic will be donated to a charity of our choice.  All of the charities we choose will benefit puppies in need.

To start, for the month of March we will donate to http://www.corgiaid.org/  This is an organization that is near and dear to me, as they made it possible to pair me up with my beloved Corgi Cecil.

With the introduction of PuppyPanic HD, we have updated both versions to contain in app purchases.  This allows you, if you so desire, to purchase individual breeds.  So going along with this promotion, 25% of sales of the Corgi will also be donated to Corgi Aid.

One more thing!  I don't want to give away what the super secret puppy is, but here is a hint:  25% of sales of the super secret puppy will also go to Corgi Aid...  hmm what could it be?

By the way, one review is already in, we got a 4 out of 5 star review from Famingo!

That's about it for now.  We will be looking for other organizations to donate to in the future, so if you represent one and would like to get involved, please drop me a line at chris (at) theragtagstudio (dot) com

Please stay tuned into this blog, as very soon we'll hear from the other half of the Ragtag crew with some info on our next game.  Thanks very much to Corgi Aid for their involvement and services, and I hope you enjoy the game!


My puppy Cecil.  (by the way, my wife and I call all dogs puppies.  Not sure why)